The New Human Being - Elena Perella

Let's get real: your experiences were not all your choice!

I’m Elena Perella, a pioneering leader acknowledged internationally for my powerful approach to personal evolution, that empowers people to understand society and the modern world for what it truly is, achieve emotional independence and become an entirely new human being.

Are you ready to break free?

Three things I believe I know about you:

  • You want to unleash your full potential beyond your current achievements.
  • You want to navigate away from toxic dynamics that hinder your progress.
  • You want to cultivate meaningful connections and overcome isolation for genuine human interaction.

Is one or more of these three painful statements true for you?

If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading, because you might qualify to be the next New Human Being!

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The New Human Being

Enhance your human(e) potential and live free from external harmful influences.

The New Human Being evolutionary process is for those people who understand that we need to evolve into a new kind of human being to create real well-being and freedom.

A New Human Being is an individual capable of living their life from an internal elevated position, free from toxic family and cultural influences, which are at the root of most of our problems.

The New Human Being understands who they are, puts themself at the center of their life, is emotionally independent, is free from generational problems, and co-exists and works in harmonious synergy with his environment.

The New Human Being wants to leave a sane and healthy legacy where justice, love, and truth are the three pillars of their realities.

The New Human Being - Elena Perella
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The New Human Being is emotionally detached from the system. They want to create a functional reality for themselves and have a positive impact on their family and business.

The New Human Being - Elena Perella

You will begin to see things as they really are, and learn how to:

  • Enhance the quality of your life.
  • Be capable of making the right choices.
  • Read and understand the subliminal messages that are constantly being transmitted to you and influencing you through television, internet ads, or other media.
  • Filter information so that you know what is fake and what is true.
  • Bring about changes to your environment according to your needs and, often, without making much effort.

What makes the New Human Being evolutionary process so unique?

The New Human Being is a revolutionary concept that nobody has ever implemented before. This evolutionary process takes you through a peaceful, progressive development where you will experience an initial phase of rapid change, followed by an evolutionary progression, all according to your pace.

The toxic aspects that were passed onto you from generation to generation will be released so that you can permanently solve generational problems – your current problems. Through this process, new and constructive aspects of yourself that were silenced or not developed will unfold, helping you evolve into a New Human Being.

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Each service is available in 5 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

The New Human Being 1-on-1

The New Human Being 1-on-1

Weekly remote meetings to find your permanent inner balance and enhance your quality of life.

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The New Human Being Group

The New Human Being Group

Small group sessions that support individuals who want to create a reality of freedom.

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The New Human Being VIP

The New Human Being VIP

Live an unforgettable experience here in Sardinia to powerfully anchor yourself as a New Human Being.

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Reach your true potential

Reach your true potential

The benefits of evolving into a New Human Being are infinite. Eventually, you will be capable of shaping a new reality where you are emotionally detached from the system, free from generational faults and from damaging influences.

From this elevated position you will continue to explore new possibilities to further evolve without going through unnecessary suffering, and in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment, and the world. Finally, you, the New Human Being, will be the blueprint that you leave to future generations.

The New Human Being is for an uncommon breed, those who recognize that what we think we know is not real, and that we must elevate ourselves to really understand the world around us and have a view of the future so that we can make conscious choices to not be chained to a reality that limits us in our potentiality.

Who is the New Human Being evolutionary process for?

  • Leaders and CEOs
  • Innovative visionaries
  • High-performance athletes
  • Social change agents
  • People from the world of entertainment
  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurs
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Are you ready to break free?

I do not invite everybody to the New Human Being evolutionary process because I favor quality over quantity. Most people they raise a family, they earn a living and then they die. Period. But not my clients, and not the New Human Being.

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