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Live an unforgettable experience here in Sardinia to powerfully anchor yourself as a New Human Being.

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About Me - Elena Perella

Through Sentidu you will evolve into a New Human Being

Sentidu – an ancient Sardinian word that means “the ability of the soul to see things as they really are” – is a revolutionary approach to life that offers you an intensive, exclusive, individual evolutionary experience that combines coaching sessions on the beach with activities like hiking, sailing, visiting farms, and more.

The New Human Being is for those who want me to guide them on an extraordinary personal evolution against the backdrop of the energetic vibe of Sardinian nature. This combination is very powerful: with my coaching you will eradicate the root cause of your problems, with the activities helping to strengthen the process.

Eventually, you will evolve into a New Human Being. This is a new paradigm of living your life free from internal and external damaging influences, and being free to choose how to feel, what to think, and how to behave in a sane and healthy way.

The New Human Being VIP Process

The New Human Being VIP is a 26-hour process of which 15 will take place during a week in Sardinia, from September to the end of June.

The VIP program is device-free. Turn yours off and use it only for emergencies.

24/7 access to me during your stay

Daily coaching sessions on the beach

Remote follow up coaching sessions

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Download Activities Catalog

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Through our outdoor activities you can:

  • Feel free of the confines of space and time.
  • Get away from distractions and enhance your sense of who you are meant to be.
  • Let the natural world free you from mistaken self-images, so you become the center of your own life.
  • Reconnect with your body to overcome any senses of loneliness and alienation.
The New Human Being VIP outdoor activities
Be open to improvisation

Be open to improvisation, adventure and fun!

It is a simple fact that getting away from your every-day environment will allow you to get closer to yourself. While you watch the sea and the sky, with the aroma of myrtle in the air, you will feel like you are at the centre of the world.

The sea breeze will take away the old and bring in the new, helping you to understand yourself better and how to really live your life.

Sentidu helps you understand your internal world and reorganize it in a functional way. The process offers you the luxury of simplicity, combined with the primitiveness and wildness of Sardinian nature, and the anachronistic elements of Sardinia’s culture.

The aim of the New Human Being VIP is also to contribute to the rebirth of this area

This part of Sardinia is very beautiful but less appreciated and less developed than other areas. By joining this onsite, you not only help yourself, but you also take part in a bigger project of renewing all aspects of this area – natural, social, cultural, and professional – and of the life of its people by preserving the environment and thereby leaving a healthy legacy to future generations.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

Uncover and eliminate the root cause of most of your problems

Optimize your behavior and develop new skills

Be able to conduct yourself like a New Human Being

Are you ready to break free?