What does it mean to be a New Human Being?

What does it mean to be a New Human Being

A New Human Being is an individual who has all areas of their lives organized. They have good health and know how to take care of their bodies. They enjoy a harmonious marriage or relationship; or if they are single they enjoy their own company. They do a job they love and build constructive relationships. If they have a family, they know how to make it function so that all members live peaceably, communicate openly, feel safe, and collaborate with each other.

New Human Beings have a rich social life. They are eager to learn and grow, therefore they love to explore life, to read and study, and to exchange knowledge. They have an enhanced human potential which allows them to prevent problems, overcome difficulties with the right strategies, and use their energy constructively. Because they are emotionally detached from the system and aligned with their intuition, they can protect their health, both mental and physical, by recognizing damaging narratives and easily distancing themselves from them. They don’t need to be defined by external influences like institutionalized religion, politics, scientific dogma, commercial brands, or philosophies, because they define themselves from within.

Three generations of New Human Beings

The first generation of New Human Beings is today’s adults who are aware that their parents had a damaging influence on their lives or who are ready to know that their problems originate in the family and want to solve them. They want to know more about the system and how it harms them, and want to break free from emotional entanglements with it. If there are permanent consequences due to the unnecessary suffering they’ve experienced, they want to learn to cope with them. They are ready to question everything, disconnect from what doesn’t serve them, and evolve into New Human Beings.

The second generation is today’s children and adolescents born from the first generation of New Human Beings. Just like their parents, they were born with traumatic memories and are growing up experiencing unnecessary suffering because their parents had difficulties in parenting them. However, because their parents are evolving or have evolved into New Human Beings, they can help their children and adolescents to heal and liberate themselves from the unhealthy familial influence. This second generation of New Human Beings is emotionally detached from the system because their parents helped them understand and see the world for what it really is. By guiding them to listen to their inner voice, these children and adolescents know who they are, what they want, and how to achieve it. Like their parents, they will continue to create realities of real freedom and well-being that will coexist with the system.

The third generation is tomorrow’s children and adults. Born with a pure heart and free from damaging influences, these children will grow into functional adults and live their lives from an internal platform of love. They live healthy, wealthy, and organized lives with potentialities that go beyond the understanding of most of us now. They won’t experience unnecessary generational suffering and will deal constructively with situational problems and challenges.

All generations of New Human Beings will achieve perfection. The first two, because of the damaging influences they were victims of, will accept the losses they witnessed in their lives and cope with them. Despite this, they will be able to reach a high level of perfection. The third generation will be born perfect and from the very beginning of their existence will experience all the good things that life has to offer and live smoothly, even when navigating situational difficulties.

I’d like to say a word about “perfection.” It is a state of being faultless, it stems from love, and it means to have a pure heart. It has nothing to do with toxic perfectionism as that stems from pain. Contrary to what they have us believe, perfection can be achieved. Perfection is the ultimate state of Being that characterizes individuals who are free, elevated, and in tune with the truth in themselves, which is the only true Master. They made us believe that perfection is not achievable by casting it in a bad light, because if we knew the truth, the system would cease to exist.

New Human Beings will preserve their fundamental humanity because they are the alternative to the technocratic, transhumanistic society that is becoming our future. Although technology has many benefits and is presented to us as the solution to our individual and collective problems, it might not always be the right choice or the only solution available. I believe that we can improve ourselves and tackle societal and environmental challenges in a different way, without renouncing our humanity. My idea of evolving into New Human Beings is the answer.